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I don’t do enough crafty things with my boy. I see people on Twitter and Instagram showing off their craft skills all the time, whether it is arty stuff, baking, knitting… I daren’t open a Pintrest account as I think I will just feel like the world’s most boring mum! I want to be more creative but it’s just not there with me, my creativity has always come out in my writing as opposed to craft.


Having a little one at Christmas requires arts and crafts though doesn’t it? You can’t not have a go at making your own decorations and cards. And if your child puts you to shame with their artwork you can do nothing but be proud of them, and maybe sneak yours in the bin! Getting a box full of goodies for review from Baker Ross certainly helps and I actually got excited at the thought of doing these things.



I had a rant the other day about people celebrating Christmas in November, yet here I was making a Santa’s grotto! Honestly it could’ve been the home of the Easter Bunny and we still would’ve enjoyed making it, it was a nice activity to do together despite the festive theme. It was easy to do with a toddler as there was no mess involved, only sticking foam. I would give J something to stick on and he would, applauding himself when he did. Mummy may have had to help a little but it was still fun. And despite my dislike of Christmas in November I was actually chuffed with our little Santa’s grotto!


And reason I did it in November? So I can run a fun Christmas giveaway for you all!  I have a box full of fun activities for you to do with your child/rent, including Christmas foam stickers, a Christmas stocking sew kit, a set of kaleidoscopes, finger lights, a Christmas bead craft kit and glue. To win all this, just enter here. Good luck :)

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