I’ve been discharged from counselling. BUT…

Yay, I’ve been discharged from CBT! I don’t quite know how I feel about this if I’m honest, there is a definite mix of pride and nerves in there though. I’ve been going since May so to not need it anymore and see how far I’ve come since then is pretty awesome.

Every week before I entered my session I had to fill out a questionnaire to give my counsellor an idea of how I was feeling in terms of depression and anxiety. I was given statements and I had to answer either
1-some days,
2-more than half the days
3-almost everyday

Eg: ‘feeling hopeless or like you’re a failure’ and you’d circle the number applicable since the last session. The higher your scores, the worse the depression/anxiety is. My counsellor put my results onto a graph so I could see just how much I’ve improved; I’ve gone from severe depression and anxiety to mild depression and non-problematic anxiety. I could’ve cried with joy when I saw this!

My counsellor has been ace, I’ve really enjoyed working with her. As mentioned previously I was slightly intimidated by her at first; she’s only about my age, pretty, more sane then me to not only be able to work but to do the job she does, she obviously has qualifications… But it turned out that we actually built up a good rapport (so I think anyway, she probably dreaded sessions with this moaning cow!) and I found it easy to talk to her. She never made me feel like I was lower than her and that helped a lot, for someone with low self-esteem this was vital for my sessions to be productive.

The big BUT of this post is that even though I’ve done brilliantly in getting this far and being discharged from CBT, I still have more work to do. I’m going to do IPT sessions, something I know nothing about but am sure to find out! It’s to help me work out relationships I have with certain people who can trigger my depression. Hopefully if I can get through that then I will be able to be counselling-free as I’m less likely to relapse. And so begins the next journey…

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