Christmas gifts for toddlers

As well as writing up a Christmas gift guide for her I also wanted to do one for toddlers as it can be difficult trying to pick; there are so many choices! Whether buying gifts for your own child, stocking fillers or for your little ones BFF, I hope this guide can help give you inspiration.

Talking cuddle toys

We have the Snugglesaurus and a Peter Rabbit that roar/talk to you when you press their belly. J loves his teddies, he cuddles them and goes ‘ahhh’ as he does so, it’s the cutest thing. Toddlers can never have enough cuddly toys in my opinion, J has a selection in his cot and a few dotted around the house. I think it’s nice to teach a child affection from a young age. They’re also ideal for tea parties :)



Personalised Crockery

Crockery can seem like such a boring gift for a child, but get it personalised and add some chocolate into it and hey presto, you have the perfect present for any Christie one! I love buying presents from smaller independent businesses, homemade presents where you can see the time and effort put into each gift. There are also plates and personalised letters to Santa available (I also recommend the hot chocolate for the Christmas Eve hamper!)


Leapfrog Read With Me Violet/Scout

Everyone loves to buy an educational toy for a child, not only do you know the child will love you for their fun gift, but you know the parent will too for giving them a helping hand in their childs learning. The ‘Read With Me’ toy helps a child learn to read, with five books to learn to read. The dog reads to the child, and responds to the child when patted or cuddled, meaning that there is interaction between child and dog, encouraging more intense learning. 


Blue Nose Teddy Friends

Everyone loves this collection of cuddly toys, a continuation of the Tatty Teddies that we all know and love. They have recently released four new characters; a seal, a dog, a whale and a cat. They are beautiful little gifts for any child. You can win all four teddies here, making a perfect present together for once child or giving each one as a gift paired with a selection box.



I have to inform all parents out there that there are other DVDs than Frozen!! It’s a shock I know, but it’s true. And some aren’t even Disney films at all! If your little one loves a certain TV show the chances are there is probably a feature-length film of the programme, so not only is it a brilliant present for the little one but it also gives us parents a little longer than 10 minutes to squeeze the housework in while they’re distracted by the TV.


Baker Ross crafts

These give the whole family time to spend time together enjoying all sorts of different crafts and activities. There is so much to pick from on this site that I can’t pick anything out in particular but anything from this site will make a fabulous gift for a child of all ages.


Cadbury’s chocolate

There is no way I can do a Christmas gift guide without the obvious! As well as their usual all year round selection of chocolate Cadbury’s also have a range of Christmas chocolate out, as well as their advent calendars, which despite having the pick of so many novelty calendars,we still always ensure we have the Cadbury’s one in too. Chocolate is the ideal thing to get as a stocking filler or a selection box to go with a present.



Sometimes toddlers can get so many toys its nice to buy them something that will help the parents out. I always appreciate people buy J stuff he needs instead of another toy to get lost under the sofa! A Grobag is perfect for wriggly toddlers in bed. We have a 1 tog so that J can use it in winter and in summer; in winter over fleece pjs and in summer with just a vest. The toddler might be disappointed with this gift but I bet the parents will be chuffed!


Win yourself all four Blue Nose Friends, released November 2014. Just enter here.

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