Mr Tumble; love or loathe?

If you have a child you know who Mr Tumble is. He is like the Marmite of Cbeebies; some parents can’t stand him because of his constant smiling and funny noises, some adore him because of the constant smiling and funny noises (I myself fall into the latter category). Whether you like him or not you can’t deny how influential he is to our children and I personally see this as a huge positive. 

I have always used Makaton in my line of work being a support worker, so when I saw them using it on kids TV I was so happy to see kids TV reaching out to children with learning difficulties. I was introduced to Mr Tumble when I was working in an SEN school and the kids loved gathering in the sensory room to watch him. It also helped me along in my use of Makaton too. 

Mr Tumble

I also love the fact that the children featured in each programme have difficulties, it gets children used to the idea of other children being ‘different’. When I was younger my parents worked in a local allotment with people with learning difficulties and they used to take me along with them so to me it was just a fact of life. I have seen children who haven’t had the opportunity to meet people with difficulties, so when they do get introduced they have no idea how to be, which is understandable, but because of my passion for working with learning difficulties I want my boy to be as comfortable as I am with SEN. Watching J use Makaton makes me so proud! 


I was sent a Mr Tumble hand puppet and a game to review and my boy loves them! The hand puppet may have been a little too young for him had his dad not donned the hand puppet and turned into Mr Tumble himself, making all the same noises and sounds as Mr Tumble, making not only J, but everyone else think he was hilarious too! And the game was a big soft dice with some flashcards. The aim of the game is to act out the action on the given card. Simple yet fun for a toddler! I love that my boy loves him so much, he responds to him so well, Something Special is definitely one of his favourites, especially ‘Take you finger and touch your nose, blink three times and off it goes’, he loves joining in with that! 

Which side of the fence are on with Mr Tumble? Are you a lover or a disliker (we can’t say hater, that would be too mean!)

Big boys bed
J's tea party

4 thoughts on “Mr Tumble; love or loathe?

  1. Alan herbert

    I never had any problems with Mr. Tumble when my lad was at the age to watch him.
    I actually quite like watching it with him.

    As you say the fact that he always has children with special needs on the programme, my boy never pointed or stared when we would see Down Syndrome or other special needs children out and about. In my view that’s a great thing.

    Great post Ally

  2. Amy

    I’m on the fence. I find him irritating but I love how my son speaks to me and is signing away at the same time. I look at him and think, “what????” But then I realise what he’s doing without any prompts from me and think it’s great a TV programme is so influential. I’m clearly admitting how much I let my children watch TV!

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