While I’ve done really well with overcoming many of my fears and phobias, there’s one I’ve not been able to overcome. It’s a ridiculous phobia which is really annoying considering I’ve overcome some real fears that have been completely rational. The big one I’m yet to overcome is completely ridiculous and unnecessary with no rationality about it whatsoever. What is it? Jelly… I have ‘jangelaphobia’.

Yep, I am petrified of jelly. I’ve no idea where the phobia came from, when I developed it, at the age of 27 it still doesn’t make sense to me, yet I cannot get over it at all! I’m ok with pictures or the mention of it (now that would just be silly wouldn’t it?!), it’s just when I see it on TV or God forbid, in real life. My anxiety goes through the roof!

I went for dinner a few weeks ago with my fella and his parents. I’d met them both on various occasions but this was the first time they’d invited me out as Neil’s missus, so obviously I’m still wanting to make a good impression. It was going really well until his dad got a jelly-like dessert. I panicked!! I was trying to hide my anxiety but Neil could tell I was freaking out. He couldn’t work out why and then he noticed his dad’s dessert wobbling away, thankfully he covered for me and explained as I made a dash for the loo! His parents were so lovely about it but I was still mortified.

I love that it has a name, ‘jangelaphobia’ sounds so much more exotic than it actually is! It’s not a common phobia, one that is laughed at when I tell people, but it really does get me panicking. My anxiety flares up, my breathing gets heavy and I become extremely fidgety. I don’t just ‘not like’ the stuff, it really does have an effect on me.

It’s a fear I have to overcome, how can I raise a child if I’m scared of jelly?! What am I going to do at children’s birthday parties? What am I going to do if HE ever wants jelly?? While it is a genuine fear I know it’s completely ridiculous. It’s vile stuff, how anyone can have that stuff in their mouth I don’t know! If I do overcome it you will still never find me eating it!!

Do you have any irrational fears? What’s the most ridiculous fear you’ve heard of?

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7 thoughts on “Jangelaphobia

  1. Natalie / @diaryofuem

    This is just further proof that you’re mental! Haha.

    I’m not sure we can be friends any more cos I LOVE jelly. Also, we are doing a trick or treat box with jelly in for the kids on Friday! Good job we don’t live near each other

    1. Ally Post author

      Don’t ever be expecting jelly at my kids parties or anything…. it’s gross! And yes, very mental, I’m obviously doing a good job at hiding it, not! x

  2. Sarah Anne

    I’m not someone who has a lot of phobias, and I’ll admit to laughing at those of others in the past (I have a friend who is terrified of bananas…I won’t lie, I thought she was making it up). But people say my paranoia about the cleanliness of headrests on public transport or those pointless bits of fabric they drape over hotel beds (sure they don’t wash them…) is irrational so I’ve realised what freaks someone out isn’t something to judge. I wonder if maybe you choked on jelly as a child, or were sick once after eating it? You’re in luck though – two kids and neither of them has ever been given jelly and ice cream at a party! It must have gone out of fashion, so you might avoid it.

  3. Amelia

    I HAVE JANGELAPHOBIA TOO! I understand everything you are talking about. I don’t know how it started, but I cannot go near it. We had to do a jello lab in science (keep in mind I am a high school student) and I had to ask to leave the room. When I tell anyone, they laugh and tell me I’m crazy, so I try to not blurt it out to the world, but you totally get me! Although different from you, I cannot even stand the sight of it. I could not watch the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs just because there was a scene with a house made of jello.

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