Time in our little yarden

I love spending time in our little yarden! It’s tiny, very 1940’s, complete with the shed that used to be the outhouse. It’s not much, but its adequate enough for me and J to spend time out there getting some sunshine and fresh air. We have a shell sandpit out there and a small sand and water table for J to play with and a small table with two chairs for me. As soon as the sun is out I keep the back door open which creates an extra little space for us to play. I love it! 


I kept J off pre-school one morning as we had a hospital appointment that afternoon and I didn’t want him to be too tired for it ( he often ‘naps’ for a good two/three hours when he gets home from there so our afternoons are gone). I took advantage of this and used the time to play in the sand with him and do some painting. 


We were sent some finger paints from Baker Ross with little black canvases so my aim was for J to do some handprints for me, but as he can’t bear his hands being dirty he refused to participate and instead opted for the brushes and sponges. He seemed to enjoy it all the same, mixing the colours to my dismay at first, but then creating an absolute masterpiece so I let him off! 


Also included from Baker Ross this time was also some gliding unicorns and jumping frogs, which are ideal to add to his party bags later his month. And my favourite item of all was some moulding clay, remember the stuff you get in little strips? Yeah, that. IN NEON COLOURS! Is this not the best thing ever?? 


I love finding activities that we can take outside, there isn’t much that can’t be done in that extra little room we have when the sun is out. In fact, it makes clearing up a lot easier, so its a win-win for everyone. Roll on the summer so we can spend our days out there without the cold breeze! 

Am I failing as a parent?
J is almost three!

10 thoughts on “Time in our little yarden

  1. Sophie

    It’s been great weather to be spending time outside, especially doing crafts! It’s a shame it’s now raining! He looks like he’s really enjoying himself and I love how you call your yard a yarden! haha x

  2. travelingchristie

    We are outside at every opportunity, it just feels so much better being outside doesn’t it? And you are so right about the tidying up ! x

  3. Kerry

    We have a yarden too, I hate it but try to make the most out of it. I do miss our garden though and being able to sunbath on the grass in the summer. One day we’ll have a proper garden again. Looks like J is enjoying being outside :) xx

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