I’ve got a new job, a proper one!!

So I wanted to let you all know my big news… I have a new job!! Like a proper contracted one, not just working through an agency. I am soon to start work as a teaching assistant in a school for kids with special educational needs, the job I have wanted to do for years.

It’s in the school I did my placement with through the agency, so I know already how much I love the place which makes it even more exciting. Working there I heard of a few jobs going over the summer so wanted to try my luck and apply. Filling out the application form was scary, knowing how much I wanted it I really felt the pressure. Attending the job interview was just sickening, I have never been so nervous for one in my life. It was by far the most intense interview I’ve ever attended and I did mess up a few times because of the pressure, I do wonder if had I not have worked there previously, might the outcome have been different? But I did it anyway. 

One of the biggest positives to me getting this job is the location of it. Right now it’s a nightmare because its miles away from home, but where it is is somewhere I would love to move myself and J to. It’s in a place I have always said I would love to relocate to if I had the chance, and this will give me that chance. It will be a better upbringing for J which is my main motivation, but just escaping the low standards of where I am now I think will do me so much good.

So yeah, things are really looking up for me! I got the new job, I got the new guy, next is the new flat and I’ll be pretty much sorted for what I aimed to achieve. I have worked hard to get myself here so I’m letting myself feel proud, it’s been hard work but it’s finally paying off.

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