Summer with a threenager

I can’t pretend I’m not finding the summer holidays as difficult as I anticipated. I’ve barely two pennies to rub together, the weather has been grim and I’ve a typical threenager who wants occupying all the time, and happy to throw as strop when that’s not happening! There have been times when I have wanted to ask someone for help, just to take him for an hour so I can have some peace and catch up on housework without him at my feet demanding I play trains. But I’m plodding on still… Thanks to wine! 

We haven’t done much at all for the reasons I’ve pointed out, our days have been spent curled up on the couch reading, watching TV, little walks to the park and the shops, playing games… When I have J into an activity he is fine, he’s a pleasure to be with. It’s when he isn’t occupied that he becomes demanding, but I can’t give him the attention he wants 24/7, I have a house to run, I’m trying to sort out work for September, plus I do put a little bit of effort into the blog still, albeit nowhere near as much as I used to. But I really cannot give him what he wants all the time.

I had often heard about the threenager stage and after managing to dodge the terrible twos I was hopeful (naive?) enough to think we might overlook the threenager stage too, but my luck ran out and it definitely hit!

What I’m finding difficult is the lack of routine. When I was working and he was in nursery our days were structured, we knew when we were coming and we knew when we were going. We had a reason to get up and dressed in the morning and we appreciated our time together more than ever. Now we just lay about, each day with not much purpose, bored of each other after and winding each other up. Me and J can be an awesome team, but when we’re both tired, bored and grumpy we’re as bad as one another (yes, I know, I’m the adult. But whatever blows raspberry).

Thankfully we have had a few lovely days out and we’ve been camping with family for a few days, so not all of it has been difficult, more just the days where I don’t know what else to do or when we haven’t got friends or family to spend our time with. It just would have been nice for me to have had more opportunity to do more with him myself. 

I’m hoping I can get my act together and plan at least a few little days out for us, I think it will do us both good. As the end of the holidays are nearing I am getting a little nervous about securing a job for September (long story, due to funding, that’s another post) so I want to see if I can get my ass into gear and start to make the most of my time with J, as much to the contrary of this post it might seem, I still adore the little monster!! 

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