The impact blogging has on my life 

We all talk about blogging and how amazing it is, but I can’t help but wonder the sincerity of it at times. There are so many bloggers trying to compete these days that it can seem a little false at times. But I wanted to tell people the genuine impact it’s had on my life, give real examples. 

When I started my blog I was barely able to leave the house because of anxiety. One of the first times I did was to go to BlogOn 2014. It was a huge step, so why did I do it? Because the people I would meet there were people who knew about my anxiety and had always been supportive, so I didn’t have the worry of telling them or hiding it. 

Through attending events and using social media to promote my blog I have made some amazing friends; some online, some in real life. Seriously there are too many on you to name who have helped me through the difficulties of the last few years. No matter what people have been going through in their own lives, they’ve always had time for me. I just hope I have been a good friend to them as they have me. 

I have come across people I don’t like, people who don’t like me and I’ve come across trolls. In the past I would be afraid of this, I wanted so desperately to be accepted by everyone. In these last few years I’ve learnt it’s about being accepted by the right people and the rest don’t matter. I’ve enough good people around me to show me my worth and boost my confidence. I know I have my flaws but I also know I can be a good person to those I love and respect, and that’s a good thing as it means I don’t get used like I used to. 

I’ve had some amazing experiences that I never would have had the opportunity to do if it wasn’t for my blog; days out, holidays, toys for J. While what I recieve isn’t as big as some of the bigger bloggers might get, I hugely appreciate everything I get as they’re all stuff I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I have also received some lovely gifts from fellow bloggers at difficult times which has made a huge difference. 

So despite the fact I’m not throwing myself into the blog as much as I used to, its still important to me. Without the support of my readers my life would be completely different now, and I truly mean that. Every kind word, every gift, every message of support and every glass of wine has been appreciated. Thanks guys :) 

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3 thoughts on “The impact blogging has on my life 

  1. Mummy ms memories

    I agree, blogging can be pretty awesome.
    It can provide great support, and outlet, and also work experience. I’m currently applying for full time jobs now my baby will be at school. Tried a CV with no blog work history, hear nada (out of workplace for 6 years) add blogging to the same CV all of a sudden lots of phone calls wanting to arrange interviews!
    For that I will always be grateful. I will be stepping back now once I’ve done the reviews I have agreed, I’ve muted all the blogging groups on FB and will still keep my blog going. If I have time and the energy I will put the blog back to how it started full of our adventures and crafts!
    Has been lovely meeting you through the blog!! Xx

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